lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Repent All Ye Sinners, The End is Very Nigh!

As can be read in John 42:17 and Bike Snob NYC alerted us not long ago, the impending Armageddon of the fixed-gear world, my dear friends, is coming upon us much sooner than anyone had expected. Lo and behold this picture that have recently appeared over the interweb!
Yes, it's true, you've guess'd right: the Four Skidders of the Fixed-Gear Apocalypse are back in town! Coming down the street near you with their awfully colour-mismatched 'steeds'. Be afraid, my friend, very, very afraid!
PD: Although I haven't read Bike Snob NYC for some time, I was dead sure he couldn't have missed this story: here you go, today's entry on his blog about Mormons riding fixed.

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