jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Vintage MKS RX-1 Pedals

I have recently managed to get hold of this lovely pair of pedals dating back at least to the early 90s. As it can be seen from the pictures, they have been well used years ago at the velodrome by a now retired old professional rider. Despite their relatively poor cosmetic conditions (what will pass for others, including myself, as vintage charm), the pedals are still in perfect working order with bearing running smooth as silk and with no play whatsoever. Tiny NJS logo stamped on the end of the spindle and the rear pedal plate. They are going to be fitted straigh away on my fixed gear bike.

The pedals come with vintage Campagnolo steel toeclips and triple layer leather straps made by Giorni Brevettato, a toe straps manufacturer name I have never heard before that now apparently produces watch leather straps. Although these toe straps are old and worn, they are still tough as nails and hope will still withstand some skid action, no doubt helped by the superb strap retention system of the RX-1 pedals.

Here are some pics of this lovely vintage find. Enjoy.

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