martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

Few pics from the ECMC 2008 Eindhoven

What a fantastic championship we had!! Big thumbs up for the organisation who planned and ran the whole event admirably well. The race course was awesome: particularly well-thought to simulate the working conditions of messengers (minus live traffic), with some cobbled sections, lots of up and down stairs and ramps, narrow bridges, and sharp corners, which made the race a veritable "hell of the north" for all participants. Other competitions taken place over the weekend were the polo championships, skids, trackstand, rollapaluza, and a massive alleycat on the streets of Eindhoven. Beautiful fixed gear bikes all over the place, loads of fun watching the race and other competitions, and, above all, a nice vibe and sense of camaderie among all participants and spectators, .... what else can you ask for a great weekend!!

Here some pics from the event that I have picked up from the various links at the ECMC 2008 web page. Thanks to all people for sharing their pictures and let me"nick" few them for my blog.

Plus a great video of the main race, skid competition, and sprints

ECMC 2008 Eindhoven from on Vimeo.

And another couple of videos I have recently found at the web channel CLTR/CTRL (Culture Control) of the main race and bike polo competion.

Well done to all you folks!! .....And see you next year at Berlin, host city of the ECMC 2009.

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