domingo, 17 de febrero de 2008

To beat a thief

Bike theft is the curse of all urban cyclists. You always have to carry a good and heavy lock with you, look for good places to secure your bike especially if it is going to be left out-of-sight for more than ten minutes, and deal with the nagging thought if it is still going to be there when you come back after your errand. Unfortunately, that's something we have to get used to live with.

However, there are certain tips to reduce the chances to have your pride and joy nicked. Here you can learn some of them from this excellent article which appeared recently in the CTC magazine.

Apart from showing that the Sold Secure Certificate is a complete shame, the author invites a professional thief to show him how to get through different locks using the most popular tools of the "trade", among them the bolt croppers and the bottle jack. It is a long article but well-worth reading as it gives you a very good insight of how thieves operate, the way they go through the locks, and therefore what can you do to prevent your bike being the next target of this scum.

The better your bike is secured, the most difficult would be for the thief to get it!!

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